How does a Christian make their life count in a big way? By knowing Christ and making Him known. A person becomes a believer when they begin a new life in Christ, yet the journey lasts a lifetime. While we are growing in our relationship with Him, we want to share His love and the Gospel story with others.

Jesus told his disciples that they would have an ever-expanding influence from their community to the ends of the world. God's desire is for people to become disciples, and we seek to care and share in our community, our state, our country, and around the world.

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Go and Make Disciples 



God has given each of us a responsibility for our world coming to know Christ. We are committed to missions around the world. For those who can go and for those who can't, your encouragement and prayer support are paramount to the mission's success. Either way, we seek to personally empower and involve our whole church in missions ministry worldwide.

We equip those who are called and able to share the hope of Jesus to a hurting world through local, regional, and international missions. New trips are under development throughout the year. Training and preparation are provided.


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