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SUNDAYS: 10:30a



SUNDAYS: 10:30a


We are thrilled to welcome you as our guest at FBC Allen! As you prepare for your first visit, we understand that you may have some questions. To help you feel more at ease, we have compiled a list of answers that be of assistance.

Sunday Worship

What time should I show up? [In Person]

Sunday worship begins at 10:30a. Most people arrive about 15 minutes early. Volunteers are happy to help you with preschool check-in* and find your way.

What can I expect during Sunday morning worship? [In-Person and Online]

Our Sunday morning worship services are about connecting individuals with God. We have worship at 10:30a in the Worship Center. Our online services also begin on Sundays at 10:30a.

Our worship team leads a blended service using modern worship songs and time-honored hymns of our faith. You will hear a message which offers a biblical response to today's issues. You can expect to be encouraged and challenged to live out your faith beyond Sunday morning. 

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How do I get there, and where do I go?

We are located at 201 E. McDermott Dr., just east of 75. Our Welcome Center is located in the Rotunda. Volunteers are available there to answer questions and help you find your destination.

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Where should I park?

Guest parking is available immediately west of the Worship Center and in the north parking lot. Shuttle service has been suspended during the pandemic period.

What do Sunday services for my kids look like?

Preschool groups are available for both worship hours.

Babies and preschoolers enjoy classes during both worship hours in our preschool ministry. Our youngest attendees enjoy an age-appropriate Bible lesson and activity, prayer time, and a snack during their time with us. 

Our kindergartners begin attending worship with their families during one of the service times and participate in a Sunday morning small group, also known as Bible Fellowship Groups (BFGs), during the other hour. Each fall, just before the start of the school year, we host a special "Camp Big Enough" to offer tips to help in this transition and celebrate this milestone with our incoming kindergartners and their families.

Volunteers are available to help you check your child in for class. If you would like more information, you can contact Marita Richards, our Preschool Admin Assistant.

Children/Preteens (grades 1-6):

Children in grades 1-6 enjoy worship with their families for one hour and participate in a Sunday morning small group, also known as Bible Fellowship Groups (BFGs), during the other hour. During BFG, children are divided into small groups according to grade level. They have fun learning a Bible lesson, engaging in discussion time, and enjoying an activity designed to reinforce their learning.

Greeters are happy to assist you in checking your child in for class. For more information, contact Lezah Maitland, our Minister of Children.

Students in grades 7-12:

Students join in our regular worship and gather for Sunday morning small groups, also known as Bible Fellowship Groups (BFGs), in our student center, The Curb (map).

Our Welcome Desk volunteers are happy to help you get your student acquainted with others in the student ministry. For more information, contact Hayden Walsh, our Student Pastor.

Do you offer any small groups?

YES! We offer several on-site and online small group Bible studies, which meet every Sunday. We call these Bible Fellowship Groups (BFGs), and groups are available for all your family members.  BFGs are where we connect and share life's ups and downs. We're happy to help you find the right fit for you.


What else is available?

So glad you asked! Check out the variety of opportunities for you and your entire family to grow closer to God and to get to know others beyond Sunday morning worship. 


Is there anything else I should know?

Guests are always welcome, and rest assured; you will not be singled out, put on the spot, or spammed in any way. 

Feel free to use the communication card in our app, text "Welcome" to 972.449.4393, or visit with someone at any of our Welcome Desks. These connection points help us serve you better and get information if you have questions, need prayer, or are interested in any of our events or resources. Ministers and volunteers are available and happy to meet you and answer any questions you may have.

Digging Deeper

HOW DO I get connected at FBC Allen?

Maybe you have questions about spiritual life, faith, or baptism. Perhaps you're trying to meet and connect with others or find a place to volunteer. Maybe you'd like to meet the FBC Allen staff and learn more about what we believe as a church, or you might even be interested in church membership. If so, you are invited to attend the next Discover FBC Allen session.

In this small gathering, our staff will share how to best connect with you in the most important way. We will share our stories and the vision for what we're passionate about at FBC Allen and will point you toward the following steps on your journey.



Beginning a new relationship with God starts by discovering more about Him. You can take that step now!


What are your vision, mission, and core values?

Our goal is to bring people to come to know Jesus and move people to live a life devoted to Jesus, our church family, and the mission of teaching how to bring others to follow Christ. We are committed to being intentional in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Explore more about who we are, our values, and our foundational statements and beliefs.


How do I join FBC Allen?

FBC Allen is not a building but a family of believers in Jesus Christ. You can become a member of the church in one of four ways:

1. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and be baptized by immersion.

2. If you have already accepted Jesus but have not been baptized by immersion, follow Him in believer's baptism.

3. Transfer of membership by letter from another Baptist church.

4. Statement of having previously accepted Christ and experienced baptism by immersion as a member of another Baptist or Bible-teaching church.

Do you have more questions about baptism and church membership?


Can't find what you need here? Please feel free to contact the church office during the week at 972.727.8241 or visit our Welcome Desk in the Rotunda on Sunday mornings for assistance.

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