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Jan 03, 2021
Love is _______

Happy New Year! As we look forward to 2021 it’s important that we take...

Nov 29, 2020
While We Are Waiting

On this Sunday between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we focus on hope in...

Nov 22, 2020
No, Thanks!

Being a follower of Jesus means living a life of faith. For faith to be...

Nov 15, 2020
Future People

It’s easy to walk through life discouraged. We look at all the things...

Nov 08, 2020
Until He Comes

In our divided country, on the Sunday after a major election season, we...

Nov 01, 2020
What Do We Pray?

History does not belong to who we think it belongs to. It does Not...

Nov 24, 2019

It’s Thanksgiving week and that can only mean one thing: we’re...

Mar 25, 2018
The Heart Of God 2018

The heart of God is that we should be in relationship with Him. We see...

Nov 19, 2017
Let's Make Some Noise

We’ve all heard it and we may have even said it, “because I said so!”...