Sermons in: Generation To Generation

Dec 04, 2011
Church Construction

Our church has been involved in a year-long construction project under...

Mar 27, 2011
The Foundation

Our new children’s building is beginning to take shape. A successful...

Nov 07, 2010
Joy, Joy, Joy

Where does real joy come from? Does it come from what we have – our...

Oct 31, 2010
A Church Celebration

Today is an historic day in the life of First Baptist Church. Today we...

Oct 24, 2010
What is Sacrifice?

Sacrifice is a foreign concept for most people. We often pray for God...

Oct 17, 2010
The Grace of Giving

Today is our Generation to Generation Commitment Sunday. It is a sacred...

Oct 03, 2010
Memorial Stones

The children of Israel entered the Promised Land carrying twelve stones...