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Reaching the Lost

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Your giving helped me and my mom go on the Russian mission trip. It was amazing to see how God completely softened hearts even in a culture where relationships are very slow-paced and friends are not easily made.

One example: we met a girl in the park who was only visiting for the same week that we were there. She was from the Ukraine, but she also spoke English. We started talking about Jesus and continued the conversation through the evening. She asked if she could translate for us, which was amazing because she was a non-believer.

The next day, we went to a park and met a guy who was atheist. His heart was really hard and he really did not want to hear what we had to say. He just kind of laughed a lot about it and during our conversation, he often said that he wasn't special and there could not be a God, because he is not worth anything. By the end of our conversation, he gave me and my translator a great big hug. It was really cool to see the Holy Spirit soften up his heart.

During the day, after we spoke to others, my translator would often take a step back and take a few deep breaths because she was so impressed with what we were doing and saying.

Neither my translator nor the guy in the park decided to surrender to Christ that week, but the guy did say he would start going to the local church and would learn English there. My translator promised that she would begin reading Scripture. 

This trip helped me see that everyone around the world is looking for answers and the truth is found only in Scripture.