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Update From Asia

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For security purposes, we are not disclosing this team's location.

The country we are in has been hard soil. They are deeply rooted in Buddhism. They are very gracious and kind people. But tradition is strong. W, B, and L are on 3 separate teams. We have had salvations each day. We are mostly visiting house to house. Several have heard about Jesus before but don’t want to change their beliefs. Many have never heard about Jesus before. What joy there is to be able to tell someone about Jesus for the first time!

On Friday Pastor V will get to share the gospel with 850 prisoners. This is a huge opportunity. Americans are not allowed in. We are also praying that the monk that visited the church on Sunday will allow us to come to speak to his students. Many people have never seen a Caucasian person before. So it’s fun to see their surprised faces. It gives us an open door every time. We will make house visits for 3 more days then have a closing Rally. Thursday night the American team we will have dinner with the Asian ministry students and church planters. A time when we can encourage one another in the work. God has given us great teams and great leadership. The Asian Pastors are risking their lives to be a part of this mission trip. Yet they don’t hesitate. We are very thankful for your prayers. We have felt them.


We have one more day of visits then we fly home on Saturday. Tonight we had dinner with the visiting pastors, university students, & ministry students. They are so excited to share the Gospel now. Many didn’t know how to share. This morning one of us got to train the American team on the 3 Circles and talk about praying at 10:02 (Luke 10:2).

Brokenness has really resonated with the people in Asia. We are thankful for the work that Christians have already done in this country. They have been planting many seeds. Today 6 men who were drinking put their faith in Jesus. One man said he had seen the Jesus film before. It takes some people many times of hearing about Jesus before they accept. These men eagerly listened and were excited to hear the Gospel. They needed forgiveness and knew what it was like to struggle. An 80-year-old woman that could barely hear or see accepted Christ today. She has spent her whole life studying Buddhism. Her home was full of Buddhist shrines. That is why we go. That is why we must be obedient to God’s calling.

We will know the number of salvations tomorrow after our closing rally. We are all working with ministry students, university students, and pastors. In our team of three, one of us is working with an American from North Carolina, another is working with a Cambodian Pastor, and the other one is working with a National pastor & American from South Dakota. To God be the Glory for the great things He has done this week.


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