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Nicaragua Team Starting Off Strong

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7 pm Saturday, March 10: We landed in Nicaragua and went through customs. We are headed to San Marcos where we will be staying for the week. Praying for a great week ahead of us!

Sunday, March 11: Today we are in a church in La Concepcion, the home church we will be working out of for the week. This afternoon we will begin sharing the Gospel in one of the 9 communities around the city. Pray for the students as they begin the mission. This morning Abigail C shared the Gospel to the church. Everyone is healthy and doing incredible in living out the mission.

Abigail sharing gospel

Monday: Starting Day 2 of being out in the field with worship together. Everyone is healthy and doing an incredible job sharing their faith. Because of their heart to spread the Good News of Christ, we have seen two new Church plants and excited to be in a city for the next two days sharing the Gospel. Continue to pray for strength for the team and a heart of passion to share the Gospel. It is hot here and the team is doing great in these conditions.

More recap: Sunday Morning we had the honor and privilege to worship alongside a Nicaragua church family. This will be the church that we will partner with in going through 3 separate areas to begin a new plant church. The last two days we have seen 14 salvations. We are walking alongside the church members teaching them to share the gospel and seeing connections made. The students have been incredible and have such a heart for sharing. Michael P and Kathryn W shared their testimonies. Abigail C shared the Gospel with the church. Matt H, Will B, and Zach G helped with the beginnings of a structure where the new church will meet. This will allow them to meet without the volcanic ash falling on them. We have had a great time and look forward to the week. Below are two stories from Kendra and Sydney.


So we arrive at Nicaragua on Saturday night. And on Sunday we went to this awesome church and all the people in it were the most loving people you could ever meet. We played with the kids and listen to them as they broke off into little groups by their age. After that, we went out and told the Gospel and oh my! I was so so nervous but God was there with me and gave me words to say and it was the most amazing thing in the word. This lady ended up getting saved and it filled my heart completely. On Monday God just amazes me even more! I’m so blessed and grateful for the opportunity I get to teach each and every one of these people about the word of Jesus!!!!  -Kendra

On Sunday we went out into the villages. We drove through the city and we got to see all the different stores and restaurants but as we got closer to the villages, the buildings became more spread out and the roads turned to dirt. I really felt like I was experiencing a new world. The people were so kind. Everyone invited us into their homes and listened intently to what we had to share. It’s so great being out in Nicaragua and I can’t wait to see what doors God will open tomorrow.  -Sydney



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