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Cambodia Report for Tuesday & Wednesday

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Keep praying for the people of Cambodia. That their hearts will be open to the gospel and they will respond. Pray also for the team; that they will not grow weary and they will be met with openness.

Wednesday, October 24:

Today we went to two schools. All of the children accepted Christ (155 total). The schools have been great. We left Bibles back at the school. We split into two teams in the afternoon and made home visits. Some said they would think about it but most accepted Christ. We gave out a lot of bookmarks and testimonies to people on the street. Our team has worked well together. 173 decisions total today.

Tomorrow, Michelle’s team will be leaving at 5 am so they can go to a school with 1,200 students. Our total team raised $600 more than what her team needed for Bibles to give to the prison. We spent that on buying more Bibles for the local churches. Because of these big audiences in Asia, our total team has given away almost 15,000 gospel bookmarks. Wow! Wade’s team got into the prison today. They weren't able to talk to the prisoners but built a relationship with the warden. The warden will allow Wade’s team's pastor to come back and share the Gospel. As soon as he gets permission from his supervisor. One other team went to a remote village today that had never heard of Jesus before. They were so excited to hear about Him. Another team had a woman waiting for them because she had a dream someone was coming to share a message with her. The openness to the Gospel is pretty incredible. Vince’s team commissioned a church leader a few days ago. That same man went into the community inviting people to the school to hear the Gospel while Vince’s team was sharing at the school. So the students and adults were hearing it. One woman from the community accepted Christ. Then took off her Buddhist necklace and allowed the Pastor to throw it in the river. One of my most precious visits was with a woman who had a stroke. Half of her body wouldn’t move. She had to look up from her bed to see the Gospel pictures. She said the sinner's prayer even though every word was a struggle for her to get out.

I will continue sending stories. Friday, we will have 2 baptism locations. It will be a great time celebrating new believers and praising God for what He has done.

Tuesday, October 23:

Every day we start off praying and sing a few hymns. It is a really sweet time. Our first visit was at the army base. The soldiers were hesitant to accept Christ since their Captain didn't. He did ask for a Bible. We felt like if he became a Christian, the others will follow. Our big visit was at the school. 89 (88 children and 1 teacher) accepted Christ. It was so much fun. We had 94 total decisions. We handed out several Bibles today as well. The principal at the school was a Christian.


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