Small Groups

Life is better together. The life-blood of our church is found in the grace-filled environment of our small groups.

Some groups are meeting on campus, and others are meeting virtually. Check below for class meeting times and links*. If the class requires a password or if no link appears, please contact the group leader.

*The first time you click on the class link, hit “run” to install Zoom, then click “Use computer audio.

CHILDREN  / TEENS (Birth-12th grade)

Preschool Birth-K BFGs:

Minister of Preschool: Nancy Wooldridge
In-person groups are meeting Sundays at 9:30 and 11:00a. LEARN MORE
Contact Nancy for group information

Grades 1-6 BFGs:

Minister of Children: Lezah Maitland
In-person groups are meeting Sundays at 9:30 and 11:00a. LEARN MORE
Contact Lezah for group information.

Grades 7-12:

Minister of Education: Ross Ramsey 
A co-ed group at 9:30a
In-person groups are meeting Sundays at 11a.
Online All-Grades Girls and Guys Group  Sun, 11a
Contact Ross if you need a group.

ADULTS (25-65)

Adults with:
Preschoolers/Young Children (Ages 25-45):

Teacher: Rick Hans  / Jarred Dreher  SUN, 9:30a  (B127/128) |  Sun, 9:30a

Teachers: David Biedma / Ryan Jaquess SUN, 11a  (B 127/128)

Children/Teens (Ages 30-55):

Teacher: Mark Carpenter   |  SUN, 9:30a (B220)

Teacher: Charles Kemp  |  SUN, 11a  (B211)

Children/Teens (Ages 35-55):

Teacher: Matt Brown  |  SUN, 11a  (B216) |  SUN, 11a

Teacher: Bill Mason |  SUN, 11a  (B220)  |   SUN, 11a

Teacher: Jay Shelton   SUN, 9:15a

Children/Teens (Ages 45-60):

Teacher: Danny Phillips   |  SUN, 11a  (B120)  |  SUN, 11a

Teacher: Tim Wooldridge |  SUN, 11a  (B123)  |  SUN, 11a

Teens/College-Age/Adult Children (Ages 45-65):

Teacher: Stuart Edamura  |  SUN, 11a  (E101) |

Teachers: Randy Russell / Bill Savage |  SUN, 9:30a  (A203/205) |  SUN, 9:30a

Empty Nest (Ages 50-65):

Teacher: Tom Hawes |  SUN, 9:30a  (B207/208) |  SUN, 9:30a

Empty Nest (Ages 50-65):

Teacher: Mike Ross  SUN, 11a (B214 |  SUN, 11a

ADULTS (60+)

Teacher:  SUN, 9:30a  (E102/104)

Teacher: Jim Kerr | SUN, 9:30a  (E109) |   SUN, 9:30a  

Teacher: Pat Williams | SUN, 9:15a  (B214) |  SUN,  9:15a 

Teacher: Rodney Love  | SUN, 9:15a  (B120) |  SUN, 9:15a

Teacher: Peggy Brooks   | SUN, 9:15a  (online) |

Teacher: Jimmy Moore   |  SUN, 11:00a  (E102/104)

Teacher: Bob DeVance   |  SUN, 11:00a  (E103) |  SUN, 11a



Age Group: Mixed
Teacher: Pam Davis |  SUN, 9:30a  (B130)  |   SUN, 9:30a
Teacher: Christi Norris |  SUN, 11:00a  (E107)  |

Age Group: 60+
Teacher: Rosemary Grand   |  SUN, 9:30a  (E103/105)

Teacher: Mariann Blackwelder  |  SUN, 11:00a  (E109)


Age Group: Mixed
Teachers: Rodger Teaff/Jimmy Smith   SUN, 8a


Pattern of Discipleship (POD):

*(POD) Pattern of Discipleship is a biblical accountability group using God's Word as the guide.

Teachers: Tom Stogsdill   SUN, 9:30a

Teacher: Ryan Brown   |  SUN, 11:00a (B130)

Adult Special Friends:

Teacher: Freda Kendall |  SUN, 10:45a  (C105) |


Teacher: Jill and Ross Ramsey |  SUN, 10:45a  (B126) |  SUN, 10:45a  

Teachers: Rafael Rosario/Lance Winchester |  SUN, 11a  (B209)  |  SUN, 11a 

Choir & Orchestra:

Teacher: Dane Aderholt   SUN, 9:30a



 Lots of Bible studies, workshops, and group opportunities for adults are available throughout the week.

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Ross Ramsey

Minister of Education